Baby Gift Products

Tillie's, you Wichita Florist, is proud to offer Baby Gift Products such as Cloud b, Jelly Cat, and Manual Woodworkers Blankets products to the our community.

Cloud b products have been created to help babies sleep and bring comfort to the whole family. Cloud b products help children sleep peacefully and parents find peace of mind. Good sleep improves quality of life for everyone! Cloud b has produced distinctive toys of the highest quality since 2002. When you choose to own or gift a Cloud b Twilight Turtle, Tranquil Turtle, Twilight Ladybug, Sleep Sheep, Gentle Giraffe or one of their toy friends you are not only choosing a gift with a purpose that, with care, will last for years, but you also get the reassurance that your Cloud b product was made using the best materials possible and is backed by Cloud b’s product warranty.