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Sending flowers? Don't know what to write on the enclosure card? You've put a lot of thought into choosing the flowers. But now what do you want to say? Sometimes it can be hard to think of just the right words.
Here are some Tillie’s Flowers suggestions to help you!

Across The Miles
Administrative Professional Day /
Secretaries Day

Cheer Up
Father's Day
Get Well
Grandparents Day
Just Because.../ No Special Occasion
Love & Romance
Mother's Day
New Baby
New Year's
St. Patrick's Day
Sympathy / Funeral
Thank You Messages
Thinking of You / Missing You
Valentine's Day

Across The Miles

  • Tucked inside these flowers are thoughts from afar.
  • Every time you look at these flowers know that someone far away is thinking of you.
  • Blowing you a kiss from across the miles.
  • Sending you a floral hug!
  • Wish I were there.
  • Wish you were here.
  • The miles cannot separate our hearts!
  • So far and yet so near you.
  • Miss you!
  • Thinking about you is one of my favorite "thinks".
  • Missing you and sending my love.


  • Those who hold love in their hearts are forever young!
    Happy Anniversary!!
  • May this anniversary reflect all the special moments you've shared,
    and all the wonderful moments to come!
  • Anniversaries pass quickly,
    but our love will always stay!
  • For every yesterday you've shared,
    you're wished an even lovelier tomorrow!
    Happy Anniversary!
  • Wishing you the special moments
    this golden day can bring,
    and through the years ahead of you,
    the best of everything!!
  • Thank you for another wonderful year!!
  • Just as fine wine improves with age,
    may your love for each other do the same!
    Happy Anniversary!
  • I cannot imagine living without you at my side. I love you very much! Happy Anniversary!!
  • Happy Anniversary to the love of my life! Every day is an adventure,
    and better than the last, all because of you!
  • Happiness is not perfect, until it is shared!
    Best wishes on your anniversary!!
  • You are the rainbow...
    your children are the colors it casts...
    your grandchildren are the warmth of it's glow!
    Happy Anniversary!!
  • Every year with you is sweeter than the last.
    You are my endless love. Happy Anniversary!
  • Still looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you!
    Happy Anniversary to my love!
  • Thanks for the wonderful years together!
    I'd do it again... and again... and again!
  • Happy Anniversary to the most loving couple I know!
  • For my darling on our anniversary. I love you!

Administrative Professional Day / Secretaries Day

  • Thanks for everything! You make my job so much easier!
  • They say no matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helps you! I really appreciate your help!
  • I can do anything I think I can, but I can't function without you!
    Sincere thanks for all your help!
  • With sincere thanks for all of your hard work and dedication!
  • They say a combined effort can break down the wall of impossibility.
    Thanks for helping break down the walls!!
  • Dedication is the fuel for progress and growth.
    Thanks for your dedication!!
  • Someone once said that ingenuity plus work equals miracles.
    Thanks for all the miracles you perform everyday!
  • You are appreciated for all that you do!!
  • Example isn't the main thing influencing others, it's the only thing!
    Thanks for setting such a great one!!
  • Brilliance arises from ordinary people working in extraordinary ways.
    Thank you for being so extraordinary!!
  • Thanks For All You Do
  • For All You Do Throughout The Year
  • You're The Greatest
  • Thanks For Putting Up With Me
  • We Appreciate All You Do


  • Please accept these flowers in place of the words I said.
  • I wouldn't have made a mistake with my mouth shut.
  • OOPS!
  • I'm wrong - you're right.
  • I muffed it! I'm so sorry!
  • I'll never forgive myself...but I'm hoping you will. I'm sorry.
  • Will these keys let me out of the doghouse? I'm sorry.


  • Don't count the years! Count the blessings! Have a wonderful Birthday!
  • Roses are red. Violets are blue.
    Stop complaining... I am older than you!!
  • Youth is a work of nature, but age is a work of art! Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations on your second childhood! Happy Birthday!
  • Sweet 16 - Hooray - sixteen is finally here!
    So grab the keys and put the car in gear!
    Happy Birthday!
  • Just like fine wine, you grow better with the years! Happy Birthday!
  • Over the Hill! Be sure to enjoy this year as much as possible, because next year when another birthday comes, you'll be better and older than ever!!!
  • Hope your birthday is just the beginning of a year full of happiness!
  • Have A Great Birthday
  • Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday - And Many, Many More
  • In Celebration Of Your Birthday
  • Your zest for life is your own fountain of youth!
    Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! You're not getting older...
    just more distinguished!
  • You're Not Getting Older (It Just Feels That Way)
  • To Someone Who Is Forever Young
  • With Age Comes Wisdom. (You're One Of The Wisest People I Know!)
  • You're Still Crazy After All These Years!
  • Happy Belated Birthday

Cheer Up

  • Every time you see these blooms, remember someone is thinking of you!
  • "To everything there is a season." I'll be here for you until this passes.
  • Thinking of you!
  • May things get better soon.
  • Sending sunny thoughts to brighten your day.
  • Hope this brightens your day!


  • Joyous songs and Christmas cheer...
    laughter and friendship to you all year!
  • May the miracle of Christmas fill your heart with warmth and love.
    Merry Christmas!
  • Christmas Day with mirth and pleasure,
    comes again with wondrous pleasure!
  • Christmas is a special time of year to remember those who are close to our hearts!
  • May your days be bright,
    and your heart be light!
    Merry Christmas!
  • May this glorious day of our Savior's birth
    resound with hope and peace on earth!
    Merry Christmas!
  • Wishing you all the peace, joy, and love of the season!
    Season's Greetings!
  • Joy resounds in the hearts of those who believe in the miracle of Christmas!
  • A silent night, a star above,
    a blessed gift of hope and love.
    A blessed Christmas to you!
  • Happy Holidays
  • Season's Greetings
  • Joyous Noel
  • Wishing You A Very Merry Christmas
  • All The Brightest And The Best Of The Season
  • Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
  • From Our Family To Yours
  • Ho! Ho! Ho!


  • Give the world the best you have, and the best will come to you!
  • This calls for a celebration!
  • You met the challenge with determination, strength, and total confidence!
  • Bravo! Strike up the band!
  • The future is a rainbow of beautiful tomorrows when you hold a dream in your heart! Congratulations!
  • I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!
  • You're on your way to great things!
  • Congratulations - you did it!!
  • Congratulations and best wishes!
  • Hip, hip, hooray!!
  • Congratulations on one of your best moments!
  • Stunning performance!
  • Sheer perfection!
  • Let's celebrate!
  • A standing ovation for you!
  • Congratulations from the whole bunch!
  • Congratulations on your promotion.


  • Happy Easter! Happy Spring!
    Thanks for all the joy you bring!
  • Hope your day is bright and sunny! Happy Easter!
  • Wishing you a Happy Easter filled with all the things that make a happy heart!
  • Wishing you a blessed Easter!
  • May the promise of Easter fill you with peace and joy!
  • Rejoice! He is watching over you this Easter!
  • May this Easter warm your heart with peace!
  • Wishing you the beauty of spring and the spirit of love this Easter!
  • Hope this Easter brings you all that you enjoy the most!
  • Wishing you a bright and joyous Easter!

Father's Day

  • Posies for my pop!
  • This "bud's" for you! Thanks for putting up with me! Happy Father's Day!!
  • Happy Father's Day! You're the greatest!
  • Sit back and relax! I love you, Dad!
  • Thanks for the gift of life!
  • I wish you health, I wish you wealth,
    I wish you happiness galore!
    I wish you a Happy Father's Day,
    what could I wish you more??
  • May the joy and love you give away,
    be returned to you this Father's Day!!
  • To thank you for the little things you
    always say and do, and to wish you all
    the happiness that life can bring to you!
    Happy Father's Day!!
  • Having you for a dad, was the best beginning life could have given me!
    Happy Father's Day!!
  • Lasting joy and happiness,
    that's what you're wished today,
    and with that wish, a world of love
    is being sent your way!
    Happy Father's Day!!
  • You're loved with a love that is certain to grow,
    from one passing day to another.
    Because you have been, and you will always be,
    a dear and wonderful father!
  • Thank you for the unique combination of your tenderness and your strength.
  • Your courage and vision are beacons to fulfill my own dreams.
  • Thank you for being my Father and my friend.
  • You're the best!
  • Thanks for all you are and all you do.
  • Your love and patience have not gone unnoticed.
  • Thanks for always being there when I needed you.
  • Take time to enjoy your favorite things - you deserve it.


  • You've always been there for me.
    I'll always be there for you my friend!
  • Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when
    our wings have trouble remembering how to fly!
  • If I had a flower for all the times you've made me smile,
    I would have a garden to walk in forever!
  • When I couldn't bear to smile,
    you're the one who made me laugh.
    When I was sad or hurt,
    you were there to dry my eyes.
    Your friendship means the world to me.
  • You've shown me what friendship truly means!!
  • You were there for me when I needed you the most!
    Thank you for being my friend!
  • Thank you for all the irreplaceable memories...
    the painfully funny moments, the times when the tears
    would not stop flowing, and all the silliness in between.
    You're a true friend.
  • When the whole world left,
    you were there with open arms.
    Thanks for being my friend!!
  • Plant a seed of friendship:
    reap a bouquet of happiness.
    --Lois L. Kaufman
  • A true friend is one who overlooks your failures and celebrates your successes!
    (You are a true friend!)
  • Thank you for being there time after time,
    from beginning to end, my most patient friend.

Get Well

  • Warmest wishes for a speedy recovery!
  • Hope you're back on your feet again soon!
  • Hope these flowers brighten your room and your heart! Get well soon!
  • Sending a big bunch of bright wishes for you to feel better soon!
  • As you rest and heal, know that you are thought of warmly and wished a quick recovery.
  • Hope that you'll bloom again soon!
  • Wishing You A Speedy Recovery
  • Hope You're Feeling Better Soon
  • We miss you! Come back soon!


  • Congratulations, Graduate- Reach for the stars! The sky is the limit!
  • With knowledge in your hands, and an open heart, you'll have nothing but success. Congratulations!
  • Whatever your dreams might be,
    may each become a reality!
    Happy Graduation!
  • Upon your graduation, hold your memories in one hand, but leave the other open...
    for your life is just beginning, and the world that awaits you is endless.
  • Wishing you the special happiness of seeing your dreams come true.
    Congratulations on your graduation!
  • The future is a rainbow of beautiful tomorrows,
    when you hold a dream in your heart!
    Congratulations on your graduation!
  • Now that you have been educated, sophisticated,
    matriculated, articulated, and graduated...
    Consider yourself congratulated!!
  • Hip, Hip, Hooray! You did it! Congratulations!
  • This calls for a celebration, so let's celebrate! Happy graduation!

Grandparent's Day

  • Happy Grandparent's Day!
  • Sending all our love to the world's best grandparents!
  • With lots of extra special love and hugs and kisses -- Happy Grandparent's Day!
  • Your wisdom and love mean the world to me. Happy Grandparent's Day!


  • May the Festival of Lights bring blessings upon you and all your loved ones. Happy Hanukkah!
  • May the lights of Hanukkah usher in a better world for all humankind.
  • May love and light fill your home and heart at Hanukkah!
  • May happiness fill your home as you celebrate the Festival of Lights.
    Happy Hanukkah!
  • Wishing you eight days of peace and happiness!
    (and lots of potato pancakes!)
  • I am lighting all the candles,
    on this Hanukkah night.
    Flicker, flicker, little candles,
    see them shining bright!
  • Wishing you eight days and nights of happiness for Hanukkah!


  • Congratulations on your new home!
  • Happy Housewarming!
  • Best wishes for your new house to become a Home, Sweet Home!
  • Here's hoping that lots of love and happiness move in with you at your new address!
  • Relax and enjoy your wonderful new home!
  • Welcome to your new home! Congratulations!
  • There's no place like home!
  • May you and your family enjoy years of happiness in your new home!
  • May those who visit your home feel the love residing there.
  • May your new house becomes a home.
  • Congratulations - the move is over!
  • You made it!
  • May happiness & love move in with you.
  • May you create countless memories in your new home.

Just Because... / No Special Occasion

  • Just because I love you...
  • For the best reason of all - none.
  • May your day be as wonderful as you are.
  • Just because you're you.
  • I hope you're my friend forever. Because that's how long I'm gonna need you!
  • To brighten your day!
  • Hope these make your ordinary day, extraordinary!
  • Just wanted to brighten up your day!

Love & Romance

  • When I think of love, there's only one thing that comes to mind... You!!
  • All of my heart, I send to you.
    All of my life, I'll spend with you.
    I love you!
  • I don't want to set the world on fire,
    I just want to start a flame in your heart!
  • The beauty of these roses cannot match the beauty and depth of the love I feel for you. You are always in my heart!
  • There are many fish in the sea...
    but I've already caught the love of my life.
  • You're the twinkle in my eye, you're the song in my laugh,
    you're the light in my smile.
    you're my everything.
  • I love you for not only who you are, but for who I am when I am with you.
  • I love your lips, I love your style,
    but most of all I love your smile!
  • I offer you my heart, right here, right now, forever!
  • All my love.
  • Love and kisses.
  • You take my breath and every day.
  • With you it's Valentine's Day 365 days a year.
  • I send a kiss inside the petals of each rose...
  • You are the love of my life.
  • You are the reason I'm alive.
  • "True love is friendship set on fire." (French Proverb)
  • Always and forever.
  • I wish there were more ways to say all that you are to me. Love always.
  • My heart is filled with love for you.
  • Flowers today. Fireworks tonight!
  • How sweet it is to be loved by you!
  • If actions speak louder than words, this is my way of shouting.
  • I don't need a holiday to say I love you.

Mother's Day

  • To the greatest mother in the world!
    Thanks for the gift of life!
  • To thank you for the little things you
    always say and do, and to wish you all
    the happiness that life can bring to you!
    Happy Mother's Day!!
  • May the joy and love you give away,
    return to you this Mother's Day!
  • Lasting joy and happiness,
    that's what you're wished today.
    And with that wish, a world of love
    is being sent your way!
    Happy Mother's Day!!
  • You have a very special place,
    that no one else can fill...
    because you mean so much to me,
    and you know you always will!
    Happy Mother's Day!!
  • Thanks so much for all you do!
    Happy Mother's Day!!
  • Sit back and relax! You deserve it!
    Happy Mother's Day!!
  • You're loved with a love that grows,
    from one day to another.
    Because you have been, and you will always be,
    a dear and wonderful mother!
    Happy Mother's Day!
  • Mom's the universal word for love. Happy Mother's Day!

New Baby

  • Congratulations and Best Wishes
  • Congratulations! May your baby be blessed!
  • Welcome To The New Arrival
  • Welcome To Your New Baby
  • Welcome To Your New Baby Boy/ Girl
  • We welcome another miracle to this world!
  • We welcome your dear new child to
    this world with love. Congratulations!
  • We share in the celebration of the new life
    you have created! Congratulations!
  • Children are the parent's riches.
    Congratulations on making a bundle!
  • Welcome to the new little bundle of joy!

New Year's

  • Welcome all, and make good cheer,
    welcome all, another year.
    Happy New Year!
  • There's magic in believing...
    there are dreams that do come true.
    Best wishes for the New Year!
  • A time for good friends,
    a time for good cheer,
    a time to wish you happiness
    throughout the coming year!
  • A little holiday cheer to let you know you're thought of at this special time of year. Happy New Year!
  • Look's like it's going to be one happening New Year! Let's celebrate!


  • Here's to new beginnings!
    Happy Retirement!
  • Congratulations on your retirement!
  • We wish for you all the rest and relaxation you need and deserve!
    Happy Retirement!
  • Here's to health and happiness in your retirement!
  • Whatever you do, here's hoping the future is happy for you!
  • Working people have a lot of bad habits,
    but the worst of these is work.
    --Clarence Darrow

St. Patrick's Day

  • Top of the mornin' and all day too.
    May the luck of the Irish, be shinin' on you!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  • May you always have the luck of the Irish!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  • I wish you health, I wish you wealth,
    I wish you happiness galore.
    I wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day,
    what could I wish you more?
  • May good luck go with you wherever you go!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  • May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  • Love and kisses,
    and all sorts of good wishes!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sympathy / Funeral

  • May God watch over your family during your time of need.
    With our sincere sympathy!
  • May happy memories replace the sadness in your heart!
  • In sorrow, we mourn those lost.
    In gratitude, we embrace those around us.
    In sympathy, we reach out to those who grieve.
  • Peace and blessings upon you and your family.
  • Has this world been so kind to you that you should leave with regret?
    There are better things ahead than any we leave behind.
    --C. S. Lewis
  • You're in our thoughts and prayers!
    With heartfelt sympathy!
  • In loving memory and with heartfelt condolences!
  • Remembering your family with love, tears, laughter, and fun times. Know we are thinking of you and wishing to be there with you.
  • We hope these flowers will help to keep your spirits up!
  • With Deepest Sympathy
  • In Loving Memory
  • With Heartfelt Condolences
  • Our Thoughts And Prayers Are With You
  • Fondest Remembrances
  • In Tribute
  • With deepest sympathy on your loss.
  • May memories of happier times sustain you during your time of sadness.

Thank You Messages

  • Straight from the heart,
    this gift is sent,
    to tell you how much,
    your thoughtfulness meant!
  • A heartfelt thanks for the opportunity you have given me. Thank you!
  • There is hardly a way that I would be able to thank you for all the incredible things you do for me - each and every day. But I thought that I could start with this. Thanks for everything!
  • Thanks for your hospitality and contagious smile!
  • One thousand thank-yous wouldn't be enough to let you know how much I appreciated everything you did for me!
  • Love and many thanks for your time and company!
  • Thank you for being there time after time,
    from beginning to end, my most patient friend.
  • Thank you for the gift of you!
  • Sending love along with a thankful heart.
  • You have a special way of making the world a better place.
  • Even if every flower in the world had a voice I couldn't send as many as it would take to say thanks enough!
  • Thanks a bunch!
  • Thanks for everything.
  • Thanks - you really made a difference.
  • Thank you! You're the best!
  • Thank you for all you do - you are a true friend.
  • I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you.
  • You made my heart smile!
  • Thank you very much for your time.
  • With our sincere gratitude to a hard-working and dedicated associate!


  • I'm so grateful for you all! Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Missing you and sending our love for a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!
  • May the blessings of this Thanksgiving fill your hearts and home!
  • Wishing you all the season's happiness this heartfelt wish can bring!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
  • May this be an extra special Thanksgiving for you and your family.
  • Wishing you joys, both great and small! Happy Thanksgiving!
  • God bless you and your family at Thanksgiving and always!
  • Warm thoughts and wishes to hope this Thanksgiving will be especially bountiful!
  • May this be an extra special Thanksgiving for you and your family!

Thinking Of You / Missing You

  • Tucked inside these flowers are thoughts from afar.
  • Every time you look at these flowers know that someone far away is thinking of you.
  • Blowing you a kiss from across the miles.
  • Sending you a floral hug!
  • Wish I were there.
  • Wish you were here.
  • The miles cannot separate our hearts!
  • So far and yet so near you.
  • Miss you!
  • Thinking about you is one of my favorite "thinks".
  • Missing you and sending my love.
  • You're always on my mind!
  • Thinking warm and happy thoughts of you!
  • I thought of you today - and wanted you to know.

Valentine's Day

  • You will always be my valentine.
  • I love you today,
    as I did from the start.
    I'll love you forever,
    with all of my heart.
    Happy Valentine's Day!
  • Love makes every day a joy, every moment a memory!
    Happy Valentine's Day!
  • Wishing you a day filled with all your heart's desire!
    Happy Valentine's Day!
  • Roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    carnations are sweet,
    and so are you!
    Happy Valentine's Day!
  • I bet you a cuddle,
    I bet you a kiss,
    I bet you'll never guess,
    who sent you this?
  • Valentine, Oh Valentine,
    I'll be your love and you'll be mine!
  • Thank you for the memories of
    yesterday, for the happiness today,
    and the promise of all tomorrows!
    Happy Valentine's Day!
  • For the one who gave me the courage to love with all of my heart...
    to the person who is like no other. Happy Valentines Day!


  • May today's happiness last a lifetime.
    Congratulations on your wedding day!
  • Have a happy forever!
  • Here's to a lifetime of loving!
  • This special union, may the Lord bless,
    and give you both, love and happiness!
  • May each day of wedded bliss,
    always be as sweet as this!
    Best wishes on your wedding day!
  • From sunrise to sunset! Forever!
    Congratulations on your marriage!
  • May every minute of your special day,
    be a special memory that you will
    always keep and share together!


  • If I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I'd be holding the galaxy in my hands.
  • You are in our thoughts and prayers.