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Dish gardens are a collection of compatible plants growing and changing together over time in a small container. Unlike a traditional flower pot, there is usually no hole in the bottom of a dish garden container. A visually active container demands simple plantings. A container with simple lines and subtle colors permits the variety of exotic plants to catch the eye.

*Color and style of each ceramic container will vary.

  • All prices in USD ($)

  • (DISH-C8) 8'' Ceramic Dishgarden


  • (DISH-C10) 10'' Ceramic Dishgarden


  • (DISH-C12) 12'' Ceramic Dishgarden


(DISH-C8) 8'' Ceramic Dishgarden - $34.95

(DISH-C10) 10'' Ceramic Dishgarden - $52.95

(DISH-C12) 12'' Ceramic Dishgarden - $79.95