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Memorial Day

Remembering Loved Ones on Memorial Day
Tillie's is OPEN Memorial Weekend.
Our east location is open Saturday 8AM-6PM, Sunday 11AM-4PM, and Monday 8AM-4PM
Our west location is closed.

Tips for ordering Flowers for Gravesites:
Have the following information ready prior to ordering: cemetery name, address, section and gravesite number.
Cemeteries have different rules regarding what is an acceptable gravesite arrangement. Call the cemetery for their specific guidelines ahead of time, as anything that falls outside of the rules will likely be removed by the grounds crew.
Cemeteries do not allow glass vases; make sure you use a cemetery container for fresh flowers. (Place your order through Tillie's and we will use an approved cemetery container.)
Silk flowers are acceptable at most locations, but again - call ahead to find out their rules to make sure.
Please note: While we can ensure proper placement on your loved one's gravesite if given proper information, we cannot guarantee the condition of your order after that time. Inclement weather, cemetery grounds crews and other factors may move or remove the arrangement.