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I ordered the Morning in Sorento bouquet online for my mother today and was very pleased with the service and product! 

-Google Review by Jen S. June 2013

My husband and I are newlyweds and when we first dated he'd always bring me roses from Walmart or Dillons probably every week or 2 weeks and it meant the world to me.. They werent the fanciest roses at all, but the love he put into surprising me so often gave me butterflies everytime I saw him... We're currently looking for a house and we've been having to be tight on our money lately. He recently went to your flower show and got a BEAUTIFUL arrangement and has been surprising me with your bouquets instead, lately. I just would like to express how much I appreciate you guys having such good deals on certain days of the week!... Because of you, he still surprises me with an even more beautiful bouquet every so often. They are affordable for him, and brighten my whole entire week!... So from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU! :) 

-Form submission via Tillie's website June 2013

The flowers you delivered yesterday to my Mother In Law at the VA Medical Center were perfect! Thank you all the way from Green Bay Wisconsin! Have a great day! Katie J 

-Emailed May 2013

Tillies Flower Shop, I wanted to thank you guys for yet again another beautiful arrangement yesterday. We have always chosen Tillie's as our flower shop when our family lived in Wichita. Our family relocated to Dallas, Texas 3 years ago but, we continue to use Tillie's for our Wichita floral needs. Although we were not able to come into to Wichita for the funeral services we received rave reviews about the spray we ordered. Outstanding job! Blessings, Customers for life. Amy and Louis 

-Emailed April 2013

Thank you so much for your wonderful arrangement. There is no doubt why I select Tillies for my Wichita orders. Never a disappointment! Connie 

-Emailed March 2013

You all are wonderful. You delivered some really beautiful flowers to my mother today. Phyllis Kiddoo. She loved them. It's hard being in NC and not being able to pick the arrangement myself. But you folks always do such an outstanding job. Again thank you. Susan 

-Emailed February 2013

Tillie's Flowers has always been there for me when I wanted to express my love to my fiancée. Their bouquet selections are great and beautiful and who would say no to a free drawing every weekday to win a free bouquet and delivery? I actually entered the drawing last year around Valentine's Day and my fiancée received it a couple of days before the Love Day. I was so happy that even an ocean apart I could express my love to her. 

-Google review February 2013

"Tillies is a conveniently priced Floral Shop in Wichita, KS. They offer great quality flowers at an awesome price. Tillies should be everyone's first choice if you're located in Wichita." 

-Google review by John Cradle November 2012

Beautiful Flowers and Wonderful Service! I wanted to send flowers to my daughter in Wichita but was unsure who to use (I live in Nebraska). I wanted a reputable florist that had fresh flowers, created arrangements as requested and delivered on time. A friend recommended Tillie's I was not disappointed. Tillie's did an awesome job!! Tillie's is my first choice for ordering online. 

-Google review by A Google User September 2013

Just want to say thank you for the awesome service . Im currently deployed and dont get much time on the internet so when I could order your flowers and have them delivered the same day it was great. My wife also loved them. Just saying thanks for the great customer service. 

-Emailed July 2012

A huge "Thank You" to Megan and staff! You helped me send my daughter, Sarah Fuller, big hugs and kisses today. Even over the miles....we both needed it today. Thanks for making that happen for both of us. Way to go Tillies Flowers! When I need to send more love to my girlie, I be calling you again. Have an awesome day...Lynn 

-Form submission via Tillie's website June 2012

No complaints here! I just wanted to say thank you again. This was i believe my 3rd or 4th order from you guys, and great flowers, great delivery and a satisfied girlfriend! Picture to prove it ended up on facebook. Thanks! Scott 

-Emailed May 2012

I wanted to say thank you. This is the 2nd occasion I have ordered flowers from you guys to be delivered and I have been so pleased with on both ord My mother in law received her flowers on Friday, called me crying (with joy) I will continue to order arrangements from Tillies Thank you for the quality, professionalism, competitive prices and punctuality Amy Allen, Texas 

-Emailed May 2012

I appreciate all the flower creations your shop has done for my grandmother in the past year. I had previously mentioned the idea for the chicken for Easter but sadly she passed away this morning. Your flower creations helped make her smile through her sickness this past year and I appreciate all the help your employees have provided to me so I could be there with flowers when I couldn't be there in person.Thank you again for everything Lisa 

-Emailed March 2012

Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers...He LOVES them..made all the girls in the office swoon... Who says a guy doesn't like flowers and a little hug? With Appreciation Kathye 

-Emailed January 2012

Thank you so much for my Dad's (Jack Bayouth) 88th Birthday cookie delivery today! He and my Mom called my sister and I (who are out of town) and just raved about the cookies, the balloon and chocolate milk?!! You made our day as well by giving us a smile tonight! Thank you for a quality product and wonderful service! Best regards, Kim 

-Form submission via Tillie's website January 2012

Thank you for once again making my mom's birthday that much more special!!! You have always created and delivered the bouquet I picked out, making it much more beautiful than the photograph. Thank you again!! Stacey 

-Emailed January 2012

i just wanted to say thank you i have ordered to bougets of flowers recently for my mother the 1st 1 was the christmas dozen and the 2 one was the pretty please flowers and i just wanted to say thank you very much they were beautiful and i have used your shop to send my mother flowers and your the only flower shop i will keep using thank you again for doing a awesome job 


-Form submission via Tillie's website January 2012

Thank you so much for your prompt service and beautiful, unique arrangements. I grew up in Wichita (visit home often) but have lived in Arizona for 34 years and still love Tillies! What a great company and congratulations on 135 years in the business! Yah Wichita! Happy Holidays, Glynnis Scottsdale, AZ 

-Emailed December 2011

I want to thank you for creating the most beautiful flower arrangements for my father's funeral in August. The flowers were just magnificent! My sister & daughter came in with me to your store, and we picked many photos of bouquets that had qualities we liked. You were able to combine the best features from each of our selections into the perfect casket spray just exactly like we wanted. I was amazed. Thank you for your excellent customer service, and for the outstanding arrangement that you created to honor my father. From the bottom of my heart 

- thank you. Sincerely, Melody Brake 

-November 2011

Tillies is always responsive to my special requests. I have used them many times and appreciate the extra care they take delivering flowers to my relatives. The flowers have always been fresh and the arrangements beautiful. Liked: Service, Value, Selection, Floral arrangements 

-Revew on Google October 2011

I would like to thank you very much for your excellent service! You really made my sister's day! She loved the Sunfire Bouquet!! Now co

-workers at school told that if I could adopt them as a sister. At first since she had gotten flowers for her birthday on Sept. 21 and now yesterday they asked her if she was sending herself flowers! LOL... Again thanks for the excellent service! Wish there was a flower shop like u here in Laredo...With the savings you have for all your customers!! Thanks and Regards, Linda 

-Emailed October 2011

Thanks for the quick delivery. I usually try to get the order in a couple days in advance but slipped on this one and you got it delivered as usual.. Appreciate it and my sweet wife really loved the flowers too.. Thanks again, John 

-Emailed September 2011

I LOVE TILLIES! My husband has ordered me flowers from them and they were BEAUTIFUL! Than they had a dozen roses for 1.67 (or close to that) for their stores birthday and the roses lasted me over a week! 

-Posted on Yahoo Reviews August 2011

My aunt said that the flower arrangement you made for her was beautiful! Much thanks and appreciation is sent to you from us both! Wonderful job! Pam Arlington, TX 

- Emailed July 2011

Thank you for a quick delivery to Edith Maness. It’s hard to find something for the birthday of a 91 year old mother when you live so far away. Tillie’s did my wedding flowers 48 years ago. I still remember it being a good experience. Linda Hernando, MS 

-Emailed July 2011

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful roses we received at Scotch and Sirloin for our 40th wedding anniversary. The yellow roses are the most beautiful we have every received. We also loved the imprinting of Happy Anniversary on a rose was wonderful. Thank you, Carol and Dave 

-Emailed in July 2011

My hubby bought me a dozen gorgeous and saturated yellow roses for my anniversary this past week. They are just wonderful! I have been following the instructions that came with the bouquet. Never have done anything like that before with my flowers. And it works great! I have no droopy heads and each flower is opening gently to display the hidden petals inside. I can't describe how beautiful they are to me. The scent is lovely, too. My hubby said he likes to get his roses from Tillie's because they are so good. Thank You for that. donna 

-Emailed in June 2011  

For our 26th wedding anniversary, my wife was in Wichita on business. I called you guys for some help in getting flowers sent to her hotel room. All I knew was the name of the hotel (turned out there were more than one with that name!) but you guys not only found her, it was in her room waiting for her following a hectic day at work. Thank You! Dave 

-Emailed in May 2011

Tillies is so wonderful! They are great florists! Not only do they provide great service, they give back to the community! I am president of a local nonprofit organization and Tillies has donated flowers multiple times for our volunteers! Thanks Tillies! Great place for floral needs! 

-Posted on Yahoo Reviews in April 2011

Just want to say thank you for the wonderful service. This is only the second time I have purchased flowers from your business but both times brought delightful returns. Please continue to help place smiles on our loved ones. Rest assured I will be a repeat costumer. RA 

-Email in April 2011

Jocelyn and others, I wanted to express my great satisfaction with the below order. Although I was not able to attend my grandmother's funeral, and did not see the flowers myself, I have heard from several relatives that the floral arrangement that you made was the most beautiful of all that were there. It arrived early, before family began to gather. Everyone was asking "wow, who sent that?" because it was so impressive. The mortuary selected it as the one they took to the burial, and the next day, when some relatives visited the site, it was still standing on the fresh grave and looked just as beautiful. They took photos of it on Tuesday because they could not believe how good it look after being outside all night. Thanks to your stylists who ensured the arrangement was an expression of love and represented me perfectly. I share the honor with them for having it selected, above all the others, as the one to beautify the burial site. I have recommended your shop to the mortuary and several family members to use in the future as I am very very pleased with your services. Sincerely, Kathy 

-Emailed in February 2011

I wanted to share a story with all of you at Tillies, especially the staff that was there on the evening of November 18th when Girl Scout Troop #154 came to your Flower shop for a tour. One of our Girl’s Mothers that came with us to this field trip has been battling Cancer for the past 8 years on a continuous basis, so better than anyone else, she understood how important her time was and spent most of her time being involved with her kids. She talked about how impressed she was with the entire staff and how much her daughter enjoyed the trip. Last week she passed away… and her 8 year-old daughter saw all the flowers coming in and many of them from Tillies! She said “Look how much Tillies cares to make all of these flower arrangements for people to give to my Mom!” And for all the other little girl scouts and myself Tillies will forever be our last memory of our dear friend and all she has done for all of us and our girl scout troop! What you guys do is truly appreciated by so many people! THANK YOU!!! 

-Emailed in Dec 2010

  I just wanted to thank you for your timely delivery of my order of blue roses this morning. The roses were beautiful and he was completely surprised and it made his day. I live 1000 miles away in Arizona so I was very happy to find a way to send him blue roses. Thanks again! 

-Emailed in November 2010  

Just a quick note to thank you, the Tillies staff and delivery person for the 'Fantastic Flower Arrangement" that you delivered for me last week. It was greatly appreciated and I look forward to using your services in the future,  Thank you,   Lewis 

-Emailed in November 2010

Jennifer, I order flowers for Donita Cleveland's funeral Monday. Donita's brother told me this morning, that those were the most beautiful flowers there. Thank you very much for doing such a beautiful job. I'm glad Tina referred you and even though we don’t send flowers very often, I will remember Tillies! Thanks to the whole staff. Vicki 

-Emailed in October 2010

The flowers which I ordered (on behalf of Aidan Dunleavy for his daughter Meeghan) were delivered this morning, and looked just as pictured on your website. The arrangement was perfect!  Just wanted to say you do a great job. I’ve recommended you to others. Thank you so much...great customer service! Gerry 

-Emailed in September 2010

I just wanted to thank you all for the beautiful bouquet that was sent to my home for my husband's Birthday! I have never seen such a Beautiful Arrangement! You all are very Special people! Again Thank You and May God Bless You All! Cindy 

-Emailed in July 2010